• Pouches, pouches everywhere

    Pouches are an indispensable accessory, especially in the EDC scene. Understandable: they are super practical. Because of this, it was ours Book ED...
  • Have you heard of Project OAK?

    In our category Project OAK we sell prototypes and other items of which we only have one or a few. These can be products in which we test or have t...
  • Savotta Trinket Pouch in a daily use

    The Trinket Pouches by Savotta make it easier for me to switch between leisure, office and photography. So I always have the right equipment with me at the right time. 

    Better Gear - Less Missery !

  • We have expanded our Savotta range!

    In addition to our KYNNI products like the Tool Roll Folio, from time to time we also include products from other manufacturers in our shop program...
  • Friend book for adults

    Wir entwickeln ein Freundebuch für Erwachsene! Diese Idee kam mir zusammen mit meinem guten Freund Bastian auf einem Campingtrip am Lagerfeuer.