Friend book for adults

Bastian und CK mit einem Freundebuch für Erwachsene am Lagerfeuer

We are developing a friend book for adults! This idea came to me together with my good friend Bastian on a camping trip by the campfire.

Everyone is probably familiar with friend books that children exchange with friends at school or in kindergarten. But we found the adult friend books that we could find more than strange ... And also not suitable. We have something very special in mind: Our adult friend book will be specially tailored to (individual) travelers.

Overlanders, campers, vanlifers, digital nomads, long-distance hikers and world travelers can definitely feel addressed.

It is important to us to create an absolutely high quality and sustainable product. To preserve the friendships made while traveling and the memories associated with them, only a sturdy book with a great charisma is the right thing.

With the KYNNI Book, as with all other products that we still have in the pipeline, we rely on "Made in Germany" and "Made in EU". Recycling materials are particularly popular.

Freundebuch für Erwachsene Prototyp

The KYNNI Book - our friend's book for adults - will be launched via Kickstarter. Our campaign will start in spring 2021 and until then we will be happy to keep you up to date. Sign up for our newsletter below on this page and we will let you know when we get started.

You can already see yourself on our homepage watch our first campaign video.