Savotta Trinket Pouch in a daily use

the Trinket Pouches von Savotta make the switch between office, leisure and photography a lot easier for me. The small, lightweight mesh pockets go into my backpack or shoulder bag, depending on what I intend to do. The Pouch S in orange is a small medipack filled with a few plasters, bandages and pain relievers. Another small bag is packed with an SD card, USB card reader and spare batteries for my camera. A medium-sized M pouch houses a power bank, charging cable, mask and a chocolate bar. Until recently, the large L bag stored various filled smaller pouches. Bags to keep tidy, no matter if a Gig Duffel bag or in Jääkäri M You can't have enough backpacks.

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Inspired by a customer, I made a small improvement to my set. Simply sew 2 Velcro back parts, the fluffy side, of 2 pouches in M together and so I can attach 2 S bags to the back of an M bag and pull everything out of the backpack with one handle. Thanks Emma for the inspiration!
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