Brand Ambassador: Eastside Bushcraft Germany


Eastside Bushcraft Germany is our first brand ambassador focused on bushcraft. Micha takes great trips into the wild and has a lot of experience in nature and bushcraft ... Oh yes, and he also takes great photos.

What is your name?


What is the name of your social media channel?

@eastside_bushcraft_germany on Instagram

What's your adventure of choice?

Hello everyone, my name is Michael and as long as I can remember I love being outside in nature. Hiking, fishing, cycling or spending the night outside in the woods. I just love it. I really enjoy cooking over an open fire, building things out of wood, carving, etc. It's just wonderful and an absolute blessing for me. #savetheplanet 🤠🤙🍀💚

What is your favorite travel destination? ...and why?

I don't have a specific location. I just want to enjoy my life freely, healthy and happy. Experience adventure and feel life.

Do you have a travel or adventure motto?

Just go out and do it. Live and enjoy the adventure! You only live once. 🤠🤙

When it comes to equipment ... what is important to you?

First and foremost is my medikit. Then I find good clothing that is very, very important. A good rucksack ... that is, which is comfortable to carry and good. Everything else ... or what comes next I adapt to the adventure. At least I pack my backpack accordingly. 

Your recommendation: never go on an adventure without ...

Never without my medkit 🤠👍🍀

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