Brand Ambassador: Gelandegangig

G-Waggons never go out of style... They're stronger than time. ;-)

CK's long time campfire buddy Jo runs an Instagram feed about the conversion and adventures of his Mercedes G500 W463. And he rocks a lot of KYNNI gear obviously. Jo is one of our favorite sources for feedback on our products... He's one of this (very rare and valuable) honest guys that give you a hard time when they don't like your product or idea.

What are your names?

Johannes & Sophia

What's the name of your social media channel(s)?

@gelandegangig on Instagram

What's your adventure of choice?

We are Overlanders. We really enjoy all kind of trips. Beginning with a short evening rideout, over to daytrips and long multiple day camping adventures.

What is your favorite destination? ...and why?

Sweden, Norway and Siebenbürgen (Transylvania)

Do you have a travel or adventure motto?

Titties & Beer (Editorial remark: This was predictable.)

When it comes to gear... What is important to you?

Everything you use, should always perform as good as possible. Good quality Gear can and will always bring comfort and simplicity to every situation.

Your Recommendation: Never leave for an adventure without...

Usually a knife, ;-) but since we‘re a couple, time to spent together and a camera.

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Instagram (@gelandegangig)