Who is kynni

Who is behind Kynni?

Christian, just called CK by most, is 40 years old, studied mechanical engineering and currently works in the IT industry. He is an avid overlander and travels the world with his son and wife in their pickup truck with a roof tent.

  • Favorite trip so far: Romania (Carpathians) 
  • Favorite camp food: Chilli from the Dutch Oven
  • You can't start without: pocket knife and a good backpack

At Kynni, CK takes care of administration, organization and product design. 


Bastian was born in 1977 and works as a photographer and also has his roots in the Mechanical engineering. He travels with his family in a 1990 Toyota Landcruiser J75 and loves to find beautiful spots off the beaten track.
  • Favorite trip so far: Morocco
  • Favorite camp food: preferably grilled
  • You can't start without it: foldable fire bowl

At Kynni, Bastian is im product design and marketing department.