Brand Ambassador: The Landy Expedition

Here's the entry for our very first brand ambassador(s): The Landy Expedition. Every new brand ambassador will be introduced by a page like this to give you an idea of who is testing/rocking our products in the field.

Harry & Chloe are based in the UK and travel in a well equipped Defender 110 and with a camera (obviously). We really like their style of travel, their dedication to this lifestyle and the awesome photos they shoot. And here's the interview...

What are your names?

Harry & Chloe

What's the name of your social media channel(s)?

The Landy Expedition

What's your adventure of choice?

We're overlanders!

What is your favorite destination? ...and why?

Hard to put a finger on one destination but, in the UK the rugged Pembrokeshire coastline has to be up there!

Do you have a travel or adventure motto?

not a motto perse but we like to keep cool, calm and not let things outside of our control effect us too much! Be ready for anything I guess!

When it comes to gear... What is important to you?

Our gear has to be tough, we test our setup to its max in serious weather conditions especially winter. We need gear that works!

Your Recommendation: Never leave for an adventure without...

A camera!

Follow on...

Instagram (@thelandyexpedition), Facebook and Youtube